Virgil Terrence

A tall, rail-thin man with a rapier wit and sound mind.


Virgil Terrence was born Mikael Varoon to a Eunice Varoon, a scullery maid of Tamran Mayor Titus Riley. His early childhood was spent playing about in town, getting into things he should not have and discovering an innate talent for mathematics. After being exposed to the dice game played at the local inn, he began to hustle visitors to the town, who were often unsuspecting of a child willing to gamble against them.

His mother went to an early grave on day while at work, never revealing to Mikael that Mayor Riley was, in fact, his father. The Mayor, on the other hand, wanted to get rid of the potentially-troublesome youth, and he needed but wait a few days for his chance.

A visiting dwarven ore-seller lost his adamantine hammer in a bet against Mikael, and, after sobering up, decided to complain to Mayor Riley in an attempt to recover his lost weapon. Mikael was awakened by the Mayor, with three of the town’s “militiamen” in tow, informing him that the weapon was to be returned, and Mikael was to be exiled from the town for cheating. His own proclamations of innocence were ignored, and Mikael was escorted from town with only a bedroll and waterskin to his name.

With the assistance of a kindly old trapper by the name of Jarvis, Mikael found his way to Falcon’s Hollow, where he proceeded to find a job learning the art of lock and trap-making. Though he tried to avoid gambling for his first couple years in Falcon’s Hollow, the draw of chance was too much for him, and he was soon back to playing all manner of games of chance. For his twentieth birthday, his best friend Markus paid for a riotous night of drinking and carousing for a small group of friends. Though his memories are unclear, at best, this is how Mikael remembers it:

Mikael had decided to pay of fine-looking wench for some company when another man, whom Mikael did not recognize, came forth and insisted that he had decided he wanted her, and insisted upon being the first to take her that night. Though he knew he had laid claim to her first, Mikael, always a sporting type, offered a game of chance to determine who would take the fine wench as a prize for the evening.

The Hand of Fate (though some call Her Xera, Mikael calls her The Hand of Fate) was kind to him. The cards were all in his favor, and soon he had handily won the contest. This made the stranger very unhappy, whereupon he drew his sword and challenged Mikael to a duel. Mikael, unaccustomed to such a behavior, quickly pulled a dart from his sleeve and threw it into the man’s leg.

Lying to the best of his ability, he proceeded to convince the stranger that the dart was covered in a fast-acting poison, and he would soon be dead if he did not get the antidote, which Mikael had in his possession. After a quick bargaining, by which Mikael got the wench for the evening, he handed the man a small vial of water, declaring it life-saving elixir.

Though this gave Mikael a chance to escape, he found himself in the morning without companionship and, in fact, restrained in stockades with a splitting headache. The trial was fast, the witnesses many, and Mikael once again found himself without a home.

Stumbling his way down a road out of town, Mikael found himself some days later arriving tired, thirsty and hungry in a town he knew not even the name of. A trip into the local watering hole with little to trade, Mikael proceeded to join a game of dice, taking the first five pots handily.

One ass-kicking and five accusations of cheating later, Mikael was beaten and thrown to the wild with yet another threat on his life should he return.

Three months ago, he finally found his way to Kassen, having worked clandestinely for a pair of bandits in the interim, appraising their ill-gotten goods in exchange for supplies. Most of his supplies were stashed in a pair of supply drops outside of Kassen before entering. Adopting the name Virgil Terrence, he has taken his place in this town as curio-appraising locksmith for the locals.

One local seems to know about him, though how, he is unsure. Knowing that he is being watched, Virgil makes certain to never win too much in his gambling, nor to do anything but break even against drunken crowds. His jovial manner keeps the mood light most nights, and his ability to find out people’s secrets are raising a few questions, though he is making sure to not get in trouble he cannot extract himself from. Perhaps learning to set traps for hunting would be a better use of his time…

Virgil Terrence

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