Ekat Kassen

Founder of the town of Kassen, he died many years ago.


A crusader and fortune seeker. He served the military with distinction, before deciding to go out on his own and battle the orcs to the north and every corner of Nirmathas. His adventures were very profitable, and he chose to tame a small area in northern Fangwood, no the banks of the Tourondel River. The current site of Kassen, the town you call home. Over the next ten years, the town grew and prospered.

All this changed when Asar Vergas, a former companion of Kassen, came back with bold statements of being cheated out of his fair share. Kassen denied these claims and sent Asar away. Asar did not go away, he hired a mercenary group and for the next months he raided Kassen Hold continuously. Finally, Ekat was able, with the help of his townsfolk, to determine the location of Asar’s hidden base camp. It was in an ancient crypt deep in the Fangwood Forest.

Ekat himself led the force to stop the threat. The battle was bloody, and only a few townfolk survived to bring back the tale of their victory, though it came at a terrible cost. Asar and most of the mercenaries were slain, but Kassen took a mortal wound and died two days later. He was interred in the ancient crypt, where they placed the Everflame, so those who came to pay homage to their fallen hero could find warmth from the wilderness.


Ekat Kassen

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