Roldare's Mad Musings

“They are trying to be kind, but why do they keep yelling? They say they will rescue poor Dimira, but what can they do? The voice in the darkness, keeps calling me, keeps taunting me. I see her, bloody, broken, surrounded by blood soaked walking bones. Am I losing my mind? Have I ever had a mind? They are in here with me…why don’t they go out and save her? I would go, but the bones with the voice, he frightens me, he frightens me to my very soul. What of brave Dimira? Is she frightened? Is she dead? Oh, why did I fail you!? Why am I not braver, why am I not better. These novices are braver than me, they talk of fighting smoke and shadows. Why would anyone fight smoke and shadows? Are they crazy like me? Am I already dead? I deserve to be dead. Oh poor, poor Dimira. They go to fight the smoke again…they leave the ranger Aedon behind, he is too hurt. Why is he so pale? The talking one is in his head too. That must be it.

Dimira? Is that you? Are you calling me? I will come to you. I will find you. I will be brave. I can’t live like this any more. Are you outside the door? I hear you. I am coming.

You aren’t in the trap room. Are you at the entrance? I hear you closer. This door is left open, I hear you throught he door.

Noooooo! The walking bones. The bones with the voice.

Pain. Too much pain. How can I feel so much pain?

The pain is gone. Dimira is that you? Dimira? Di…mi…ra….


Oh, man…why you gotta’ rub it in like that?! LOL As if I didn’t feel impotent enough already… SHEESH!!! :)

Roldare's Mad Musings

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