Eldon's Journal - Part 5

(Update from DM)


You hear the tired voice of Holgast calling, yet again. Forgetful and sleepy as ever, during the past month he has been showing an increasing interest in your studies.

“Eldon, my boy, where are you”

“Boy”, you whisper to yourself. One of these days, he will stop addressing me as though I were a whelp just weaned from his mother, and treat me as the mage of power I have earned! I cleared the menace from The Crypt, not him. Me.

You gather your thoughts and take a deep breath. Sighing, you realize he means well, and though irritating as it is, he doesn’t call on you often. You are making good progress on a few new potent spells he demonstrated shortly after you returned from the crypt. You make your way to his study.

“There you are.” He looks at you with red rimmed eyes. “How are those spells coming, Eldon? Not too much for you, hmm?” He chuckles.

Looking down at your twisting hands. “They are coming along perfectly, sir. I am about ready to write them to my books.” Damn, but I wish he wouldn’t belittle me that way.


You look up and with a start you notice, his eyes are no longer red. He is looking at you with a hard penetrating stare.

“Yes sir?” You manage to gulp.

“Things are in motion. Secrets long guarded. The theft of the amulets before we could return them to their resting places, is a terrible tragedy. Terrible in more ways than you can imagine. A great portent has started, one that will end things as you know them.”

He stands quickly. Spryly for one of his age and temperament. He begins to pace. The is unlike him. So serious. So awake. You form a question, but before you can speak it.

“Many years ago, I was sent here as a guardian. I wasn’t allowed to interfere directly, but through the actions of others, I was able to maintain the status quo. I am afraid, with the theft, and possible repercussions of that theft, my time here…all our time here might be done.”

As if waiting for his ominous sentence to finish, you feel an immense sense of vertigo. You find yourself laying on the floor, confused and weary. You look up to see Hogast looking down at you holding out his hand. “It has passed boy, stand up.”

You stand slowly on unsteady feet. You feel different. Everything feels different, though you know not how. The very air smells strange. Cleaner, as if you were breathing out of a box your whole life.

“Our time is passed. What was, was, and shall not be again. You and your friends are in for quite an adventure. They will be seeking you out shortly. Cygnar will point you on your way. Heed his advice, young one.” He smiles a bit whimsically. “I guess, now I get to go home.”

He pats you on your shoulder and turns away. Before he leaves the room, he turns. “Whatever happens Eldon, make the most of it. Do not spend time thinking on how other look upon you. Worry about how you look upon yourself.” He turns back to the door. Stops for a second and turns back. “Your journey is just beginning. Oh, my boy, I envy you. To my depth of my soul, I envy you.” With a last smile, he turns and walks away.



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