Eldon's Journal - Part 3

Over the river and through the woods...

I have had plenty of experience traversing woodlands, and so the "Deep, Dark Fangwood" didn't frighten me, per se.  That being said, what our adventuring party found there was a bit surprising.

We were set upon by orcs and wolves in two separate fights, and each fight was difficult.  My magic was found to be both helpful and surprising to the party.  The sneak-thief accompanying us even commented how "surprised" he was that I could actually wield offensive spells.  Perhaps he will stop referring to me as "Holgast's Janitor."

The disturbing thing about these fights was the enemies seemed to be emaciated, which is not normal for our area.  The orcs are usually well-fed and organized, and the wolves usually have plenty of game to keep them healthy.  I'm not sure why Gaea's bounty is absent, but I'd like to find out.  If the circle of life is damaged in the Fangwood Forest it could impact Kassen.

After making it through the forest we arrived at a placid lake.  Though it was a beautiful scene, it was marred by the finding of a deceased body on the northern shore.  It was so decomposed we weren't exactly sure how it died, and we think maybe it was an elf.  Whatever the reason or person, it didn't bode well.

We left the lake and continued southbound until we came to a high hillside overlooking a crevasse-like valley.  In that valley was the Crypt, and so down the hillside we went.  It was rough-going due to the level of the decline, and a couple of us got some bumps and bruises on the way down, but it didn't deter us from getting to the Crypt entrance.  Nothing I have seen in my life prepared me for what we found there…



100xp, I love the character perspectives you guys are using!

Eldon's Journal - Part 3

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