Not What I Expected

Then again, a light would have seemed so cliche...

Fate is fickle, to be sure.

Ascending these steps was ultimately the finale of our quest for the Everflame, though it had proven to be much more challenging than Mayor Uptal was planning. The glow of the light ahead told that we had finally reached our destinations.

Each step was a reminder to keep vigilant for unexpected problems, my body still aching from weathering the assault of the endless arrows that had pummeled me so mercilessly. Roldare had already lost his mind down here, Aedon spoke almost constantly with in his haughty elven tone, the nymphognomiac was protected by his pygmy dinosaur, and the Janitor was proving to be capable of actual feats of magic!

The great misfortune of my club shattering against a door would prove to be detrimental as well…

At the top of these stairs was a great chamber, statues and sarcophagi place all about. Above the greatest of these vessels of the afterlife was the light of the Everflame. The lid of the the sarcophagus below it was tossed aside, the dame Demura’s withered body barely stirring upon it. The light of my torch seemed to fade as the face of Evil came from behind one of the statues.

I know that I fight well, certainly as well as the elf with a sword, likely better than the other two. Fear did not enter into it so much as a sense of foreboding. The vile nature of this skeletal beast was apparent as we went face to face, its great sword against my meager dagger.

Some day I may even pay Eldon a compliment, as he was the first to help me engage this hideous abomination, his magic playing across it as I parried, thrust and danced around it. Yet, without help, the outcome was inevitable. My dagger proved to be fairly ineffective against his boney body, yet his sword found purchase on my flesh a couple of times to great effect.

Within moments, I had to stagger back through the minions the beast had brought forward, looking for help to heal my wounds, finding none. When the others finally joined battle, it was with the minions, and not the most powerful Evil in the room. It was obvious that I would have to buy some time.

Fortune once again fell against me as I attempted to pull it to the ground, this time a solid connection across my chest that left a spray against the floor and a nearby statue that will likely be remembered by the stones of the floor for a long time. My light was fast fading as I collapsed.

There was no great light of judgment as the life drained from me, but rather a missive from a long-dead hero, in addition to a sense of a new path that Fate offered me. Ekat Kassen thanked us for eliminating the risen spirit of his old nemesis, then he bade this world farewell a final time. Some clues were given as to the baubles and riches that some outsiders seem to be intent on obtaining, but even that was insignificant when compared to the enlightenment that I realized even while unconscious.

By Fortune’s hand, I will head forth to my Fate.


Wow. Even giving some props to the Janitor! :) Nice post, JR. I really need to do one, myself. Don’t want to get behind!

Not What I Expected

I read this a while ago, but forgot to award. 200xp for this wonderful first person narration.

Not What I Expected

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